"Best-of-class" grinding results with double-sided machining/processing

Lapmaster Wolters GmbH
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Many factors may influence high quality grinding results:

As with other grinding processes, the machining results of double-sided fine grinding are in-fluenced by a variety of factors. A significant factor is the capability of the machine systems ability to disperse the resulting grinding heat quickly and efficiently. If the heat remains in the process, the grinding wheel geometry, which is of primary importance for excellent grinding results, is affected negatively. Therefore, the majority of the Lapmaster Wolters grinding ma-chines are equipped with a grinding wheel cooling system in order to convey the heat quickly and efficiently away from the grinding surface.

The design of the labyrinth is of vital importance and was designed by our development en-gineers specifically for the AC microLine@ machine range thereby achieving the goal of maximizing the volume of flow within the wheel carrier. This higher amount of flow minimizes the temperature difference dramatically between carrier and grinding wheel, leading to a sta-ble and repeatable wheel geometry.

Further potential for optimization lays in the supply and control of the coolant. Repeatable and constant process results require the use of temperate coolant within tight tolerances.

Dependent on work piece material, the coolant can be either a water based emulsion or oil.

Another focus for our engineers was the design of new refrigerated coolant unit, in order to regulate the coolant within tight limits. The result of these further developments resulted in customized coolant units which are capable of delivering both grinding wheel cooling and the coolant for the lubricant. Advantage: The reduction in space requirement of those units is considerably less than the usage of two separate units.

The Peter Wolters AC microLine® products of the Lapmaster Wolters company stand for innovation and efficiency in double-side fine grinding.

"Best-of-class" grinding results with double-sided machining/processing

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