Macro Thermogravimetry for Industrial Control and Research

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Thermogravimetry – Moisture – Volatiles – Ash – Fiber Volume content

Thermogravimetric analysis is a basic requirement in many industries to determine material weight loss as a function of temperature in a controlled environment. In many cases this is done by a micro thermogravimetry system with very high temperature/time resolution and small sample weight in the mg range.

When it is required to analyze macro samples and high throughput, LECO TGA 701 offers the solution, enabling simultaneous analysis of 19 (or 38) macro samples with weights up to 5 g.

From foodstuff, milling products, animal feed to coal, minerals, cement, clinkers, fiber volume content and many more... the TGA701 is used in various industries and applications to automate manual routine operations. The TGA701 complies with standard AOAC, AACC, ASTM, ISO and DIN methodology. Its robust design was proven in tough industrial environment by thousands of our customers worldwide.


• 19/38 samples simultaneously

• Macro samples from 1 to 5 g sample weight

• Temperatures from room temperature to 1000°C

• System completely made from ceramics, no metal parts inside the furnace

• Ultra robust system with an enhanced pneumatics drive

Macro Thermogravimetry for Industrial Control and Research

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