Calorific value in 5.5-minutes without compromising accuracy or precision

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The calorific value is one of the most important quality parameter of solid fuels, like coal, coke and biomass as well as waste materials. The LECO AC600 semi-automatic, isoperibol calorimeter sets the standard for future calorimetry instruments and was developed to measure the calorific

content of various organic materials such as coal, coke, biomass and other fuels. Its semi-automated operation, combined with the use of the patented TruSpeed® - mode, obtains a rapid analysis of calorific content and increased instrument throughput without sacrificing accuracy or

instrument precision. A new, ergonomically designed, lightweight combustion vessel and an integrated vessel charging station offer convenient operation while greatly reducing operator strain. Windows®-based operating system allows settings of all test parameters including special

required ASTM or DIN calculations and corrections.


• Fastest calorimeter with 5.5-minute analysis times without compromising accuracy or precision

• Automated features and ergonomic design enhance productivity

• RSD <0.1% with a temperature resolution of 0.0001 K

• Integrated vessel charging station and quick-release handles simplify operation

Calorific value in 5.5-minutes without compromising accuracy or precision

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