Unattended Carbon/Sulfur analysis saves time

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The system consists of an expandable carousel stack featuring six stackable carousels that hold ten samples each, and a dual gripper shuttle that provides seamless automation with a sturdy design for minimal maintenance.

With a robust design that minimizes downtime, this autoloader is the perfect solution for high-throughput laboratories requiring unattended analyses. Dependable stepper motors with low-maintenance rails are used to improve the reliability. Windows

–based Cornerstone® brand software simplifies the alignment procedure, avoiding manual operations, and helps to ensure long-term stability in the system.


• Highest reliability and automation for proceeding up to 60 samples

• Complete control of the loading process by the LECO Cornerstone® software

• Cornerstone® mobile app is available to monitor the instrument status from your smartphone

• LIMS-data output with customizable data transport system

Unattended Carbon/Sulfur analysis saves time

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