Benefit the automation for high sample throughput

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For laboratories with high workload traditional LECO precision and accuracy are more valuable with build-in automation for high sample throughput. LECO offers optional 20 position sampler, a total new design of autoloader reducing operator time.

The shuttle loader concept allows reliable operation at high temperatures up to 3000°C assuring fast change of graphite crucible and sample introduction.

Integrated auto cleaner and vacuum system delivers unattended operation of ONH836 / ON736 series during routine work in every lab.


• Highest reliability and automation for proceeding 20 samples

• Compatibility with different types of graphite crucibles

• “Jam free“ sample drop preventing unacceptable interruptions in automation

• Complete control of operation by LECO Cornerstone® software

• Smartphone application for remote communication with the instrument

• LIMS-data output with customizable data transport system

Benefit the automation for high sample throughput

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