Automatic Ash Fusion Determinator

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LECO AF 700 Determines Ash Fusibility Temperatures in Coal Ash, Coke Ash, and Biofuels Ash according to ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM methods

Besides being a combustion residue which needs to be constantly removed, the ashes are responsible for technical issues (fouling, slagging, corrosion, fly ashes). When the temperature is high enough most ashes will melt or stick together and clog the system. To predict and prevent such breakdown, one of the key parameters of ash characterization is its melting behavior (fusibility) at high temperatures in the range of 500 °C to 1500°C (and higher).

Several test methods define characteristic points that need to be measured by a standard laboratory procedure from initial temperature (IT), to softening temperature (ST), hemispherical shape (HT) until fusion temperature (FT).

The LECO AF700 Ash Fusion laboratory analyzer automatically monitors ash cone (ASTM, ISO) or cylinder (ISO, DIN) deformation by built-in camera isolated from the high temperature area.

During precisely controlled ramp heating the sample images are analyzed by the software. Using unique LECO Image Recognition Functions (IRF) the critical shape changes automatically detected and corresponding ash fusibility temperatures (IT, ST, HT, and FT) are recorded. Results documented by snapshot pictures at characteristic temperatures. The image history for all analyzed samples can be digitally archived as video files and retrieved to make an audit or confirmation of deformation temperatures.


• 6 (12) samples – automatically monitored simultaneously and processed

• A stable, permanently mounted integrated camera—perfect stability of the image

• Image Recognition Functions – less subjectivity and higher throughput

• Integrated viewing system—consistently aligns mirrors with camera and furnace

• LED lighting—enables reliable measurement of low temperature deformation points

• High-endurance six-element heating furnace— resulting in a durable long-life operation

Automatic Ash Fusion Determinator

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