Residual and Diffusible Hydrogen in Metals by hot extraction

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Accurate measurement of residual, diffusible, and total hydrogen in metals by LECO DH603 Analyzer

Hydrogen determinations with a hot extraction tube furnace are delivered quickly and precisely with the DH603. With the optional LECO piercer and LECO immersion sampler residual, diffusible, and total hydrogen measurements can be done with one instrument. The DH603 is used to optimize the industrial process in iron and steel production, hydrogen characterization in row materials and in welding materials. Using furnace ramping feature the determination of Hydrogen species can be carried out. Large diameter of the combustion tube allows bigger sample sizes that are important for low lever applications as well as for easy sample preparation.

A small footprint, user-friendly operating software, increased instrument safety and reliability are all part of the advanced DH603 design.


• Analyzer for both total (residual) and diffusible hydrogen

• Wide dynamic range for residual and diffusible hydrogen 0.1 to 2500 ppm

• Tube furnace with wide inner diameter for large sample sizes, easy handling and highest precision

• State of-the-art furnace control system—allows temperatures from ambient to 1100°C

• Furnace ramping control allows determination of several hydrogen species

• Gas dose calibration—allows calibration without reference materials

• On-board diagnostics minimize downtime

LECO DH603 Hydrogen Analyzer
LECO DH603 Hydrogen Analyzer

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