2D machine control solution for dozers for a modern brick production

Leica Geosystems, machine control division.
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2D machine control from Leica Geosystems is the right solution for Strøjer Tegl’s because of the need for storage of clay both indoor and outdoor

As part of a substantial investment in the production facilities and the work processes, Strøjer Tegl is now using a Caterpillar dozer equipped with a 2D machine control solution from Leica Geosystems, for modern production of bricks. The 2D solution is simple to use and shows only two dimensions: Height and slope, and this is exactly what is needed for this particular use case, where the clay is placed in a pile with a slope of three percent. Indoor, where the blue clay is placed, has less space and the clay is placed in a pile with a 12 percent slope.

Strøjer Tegl brick production indoors
Strøjer Tegl brick production indoors

Engineer Niels Opstrup corrects the laser receivers working with machine control, Leica iGD2 - 2D dozer solution, here used for brick production.

Teaser - 2D machine control for brick production

Strøjer Tegl is a Danish brick production company uses Leica iCON grade 2D solution for dozers to create layers of clay and control the composition of the clay before going into the production line. The Leica iCON grade iGD2 solution provides automatic control of both slope and elevation. Laser receivers are mounted on the dozer and used together with a rotating laser. A single laser indicates the height. Adding an extra mast and laser sensor allows you to work independently of the slope direction.

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