The AP20 AutoPole – Revolutionising Total Station Measurements

Leica Geosystems
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Leica Geosystems robotic total stations and MultiStations are crucial in everyday survey workflows for measuring and layout, with automation and software integration resulting in significant productivity increases, confidence in accurate measurements and quality deliverables.

However, working with a survey pole during measurement tasks has been the weak link in this automation chain, with time spent levelling the bubble and recording pole height changes in the software, and the potential for the total station to not find the target on busy sites. To fill in this gap, Leica Geosystems developed the Leica AP20 AutoPole – the world’s first intelligent survey pole.

The AP20 is a unique smart solution enabling surveyors to measure with a tilted pole, automatically record height changes in the field software and ensure the total station searches and locks to their target only.

Hannes Maar, Senior Product Engineer at Leica Geosystems with expertise in surveying, introduces the new AP20 and provides insight into how this latest innovation can optimise the surveyor’s workflow with automation.

The AP20 AutoPole – Revolutionising Total Station Measurements

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