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Liebherr Betomix mixing plant: unsurpassed flexibility in use worldwide

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Liebherr has designed its latest Betomix horizontal mixing plant series as a modular-element system prepared for use with a large number of options and accessories. This principle enables each individual plant to be matched effectively to the most varied geographical conditions and technical requirements. This versatility is the decisive factor in the way that Betomix mixing plant has established itself on international markets and the success it enjoys.

In exceptionally cold regions of the world, for example parts of Russia or Scandinavia, Betomix plant is operated at temperatures well below freezing point. The complete plant is enclosed in a housing and insulated. Internal areas are heated and additional warm air blown into the silos so that the material flows freely.

Conversely, outside temperatures above 50°C in the shade, such as occur at certain times of year in the Gulf region, represent no problems for the Betomix system. In this extreme climatic situation, crushed ice can be added to the intensive mixer; this lowers the temperature of the concrete to a level suitable for processing.

The concrete product and precast concrete industries greatly value the Betomix concept, since the flexible plant layout enables it to be integrated without difficulty into existing production buildings and processes. The plant can be linked to a bucket loader and, as an optimum performance option, equipped with the Liebherr Litronic MPS-II control system.

Betomix plant is also used on large-scale sites, for instance dam construction. Plant size can be scaled up until the output volume precisely conforms to the project’s needs. In tandem or four-unit configurations, for example, the Betomix system is currently delivering set volumes of more than 500 cubic metres of concrete per hour at major projects currently in progress in Asian countries.

Depending on requirements, Betomix plant is available with a ring-pan mixer (1 to 3 cu. m nominal volume) or a twin-shaft mixer (2.25 to 6 cu. m nominal volume). Both systems need only short mixing times to yield excellent concrete quality. Mixer loading can be by means of an elevator or a belt conveyor.

The flexibility of the modular-element system not only permits the system to be matched to actual needs but also increases compatibility between the various components. Shorter delivery times and more rapid plant erecting are further advantages of the modular concept that help to keep plant costs to a minimum. The dimensions of pre-assembled plant units have been optimised for transport to the intended operating site, so that freight costs are also lower.

Apart from a small number of mechanical elements, the Betomix plant is of almost fully galvanised construction. This optimal level of corrosion protection has worthwhile long-term benefits. A useful option is a collecting hopper that can be lowered to compensate for truck heights between 3,600 and 4,000 millimetres, so that there is less contamination of the plant with loose material when truck mixers are loaded.

Liebherr Betomix mixing plant:  unsurpassed flexibility in use worldwide