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WSP-2000 4G Wireless Solar Power Monitor System

Long-distance wireless networking,solar and wind powered,suitable for remote area monitoring

The solar wireless monitoring system utilizes inexhaustible and clean energy-saving solar energy and wind power.At the same time,the system uses advanced audio and video long-distance wireless networking technology to enable remote or inconvenient access to power supply.Uninterrupted monitoring is possible.With the maturity of solar wireless monitoring system integration technology,the system has been widely used in the world and has shown broad application prospects.

The system is mainly used in the field and in areas where the city is not convenient for wiring,such as: railway along the line,high-speed line,border line,coastline,army field

training,oil and gas transmission pipeline,construction site,reservoir dam,river water

source,mining area scenic spot,forest fire prevention,cultural relics,roads,golf courses,fish farms,pastures,wildlife sanctuaries,surrounding areas,villas,islands,etc.

Simply summarizing the place of “three noes”,that is,no one has no electricity and no network,but it needs real-time monitoring and management and needs energy-saving zero-emission and pollution-free places or areas.

The system can solve the problem that the road monitoring point has no mains power,and also solves the problem that the image transmission is not well wired; the application of the company's ball machine system can perform 360° comprehensive monitoring on the road near the monitoring point,and the monitoring range is wide and the image High definition and free transmission,managers can centrally manage all monitoring points in the equipment room,and the front-end monitoring points are fully automatic and do not require personnel to operate.Solar wireless monitoring is adopted by more and more public security road administration departments because of its high flexibility,strong scalability and simple maintenance.


1.One-stop solution for wind power supply,wireless transmission and video surveillance

2.Solar and wind power supply,environmental protection and energy saving

3.Low power camera to support long and rainy days

4.Thoroughly wireless,get rid of cable bondage

2.Arbitrarily set points to break through geographical restrictions

6.Automatic operation without personnel on duty

7.Low voltage DC power supply,no electric shock safety hazard

8.No need to dig trenches or erect power racks

9.No need for a large number of wire and pipe

10.Easy installation,short construction period and low maintenance cost

11.Does not consume electricity and does not generate electricity charges


  • Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • MA Safety Signal