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AESL-150 Explosion Proof Warning Light With Siren

Explosion Proof Warning Light With Siren Exd II CT6

Model AESL-150


Explosion-proof product with high brightness warning light and powerful horn integrated.

Aluminium housing product of excellent durability and anti-corrosion.Protection cage equipped.

Suitable to transmit audio & visual signal for place exists risks of explosion such as petrochemical plant,powder plant,gas equipments.

External control available,useful to trigger alarm by remote device,such as push button or reply switch.

Lighting Type LED Flashing / Steady

Operation Voltage DC12V,DC24V,AC110V,AC220V,AC380V

Sound Pressure Max.120dB/m (Volume justified available)

Alarm Tone 5 tones below selected by internal switch,with 5 signal and 1 common cables to realize remote control.

1.Fire Alarm



4.Pi-Pi-Pi Short Interval



7.General Alarm(Long PI after 7 Short)

8.Rapid Beeps

9.Marine Horn

10.Motor Siren



Control Type Internal Switch Alarm Tone Select / External Remote Contact Control

Material Lampshade:Explosion Proof Tempered Glass;

Internal Lampshade:PC;

Housing:DIECAST Al;

Horn Housing: SUS316L;

Protection Cage:SUS316L;

Protection Class Exd II CT6,IP66

Operation Temperature -50℃~+70℃

Weight 9Kg

Measurement 325*158*333mm


  • Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Gary Wang