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AC Power Reactor

Winding and AC Power Reactorwire are insulated by NOMEX(C insulation level) produced by DU PONT US

Reactors, also known as inductors or chokes, play an important role to control

electricity increases constantly,depending on their duty in the electrical circuit.

The presence and the utilization of such components is often neglected and they

are considered minor components, however, their role is fundamental in order to

achieve maximum functionality and efficiency of an electrical system.

The basic inductor is a simple wound conductor in which current flows, but in

today's industry it can reach considerable dimensions and complexity. It is a

passive component and its main features are to give reluctance to changes in

current or to modify phase shifts between voltage and current. Its characteristic

(inductance) is measured in Henry (H), mostly as mH or uH.


•The iron core is made of top quality silicon sheet, between the sheets; high insulation paint is used to bond them together.Special process guarantees the noise level less than 55DB.

•Winding and wire are insulated by NOMEX(C insulation level) produced by DU PONT US.

•Winding will be painted by vacuum pressure immersion process, after high temperature cure, it will be featured as high mechanical strength, and high ability to resist short circuit shock.

•The reactor is featured with moisture proof,dustproof, pollution proof, thermo stability,fireproof, non-electromagnetic pollution.

•Reactor ends are processed by work piece which is integral, maintenance free and easy reliable installation.


•Power electronics

•Reactive power compensation

•Harmonic filtering

•Motor starting

•Short-circuit limiting

•Neutral grounding


•Smoothing Reactors

•Current Limiting reactors

•Harmonic Filter Reactors

•Series Reactors

•Starting Reactors

•Input/Output Reactors

Power Rating on type and technology

Voltage below 1500V(others on request)

Insulation Class H or C

Main Use General industries, utilities and power electronics

Standards All units are built in accordance with IEC and EN.


  • Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • MA Safety Signal