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Breakfast and learn: Controlling respirable crystalline silica (Brisbane)

Quick, sensitive and accurate analytical techniques that mines and service labs can adopt

Respirable crystalline silica is formed during any mechanical treatment of silica-containing materials. This could be quarrying, tunneling, brick and tile making, stone cutting, construction and demolition works, foundry work, grit and sand blasting, etc. In light of promoting health and safety at the workplace, it is imperative that service laboratories and industrial hygienists are able to accurately monitor and put in place timely control measures. This is to protect overexposure to workers.

Join Malvern Panalytical’s complimentary breakfast and learn session.

This event takes place on the 8th May at Brisbane, Australia

Who should attend:

1. Government and testing laboratories

2. Hygienists at the mine, construction and any blasting or demolition sites

3. Those interested to expand their XRD applications towards quantifying and controlling respirable crystalline silica


  • Malvern WR14 1XZ, UK
  • Malvern Panalytical