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Elemental determination of ferrochromium alloys by borate fusion for XRF analysis

Live Webinar April 23rd, 2019

This webinar shows a robust fusion method to prepare ferrochromium (FeCr) samples by borate fusion. It also shows a precise XRF method to determine Cr as major element as well as other low concentration elements required in international standard norms.

• Who should attend?

Process control managers, lab managers and buyers of FeCr, or analysts in FeCr production plants, service laboratory personnel which analyze FeCr.

• Why attend?

Discover the benefits of the method now available on the market that improves their productivity and ensures the quality of processes.

• What will you learn?

How to prepare FeCr samples using borate fusion in order to have optimal XRF results and determine major/low concentration elements in the alloy.

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  • Malvern WR14 1XZ, UK
  • Malvern Panalytical