MS-ENG-KIT21 – Profesional Engineering kit of Standard Drawn EMI/RFI Shield – Hermetically Sealed!

Masach Technologies Ltd.
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Two-piece EMI Shielding Cans, PCB Mounting Enclosures, Tin Plated Steel

The Engineering-Kit21 contains a wide range (21 sizes) of our “Hermetically Sealed” Drawn EMI | RF Shields. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for PCB designers to save time, money, and avoid general frustrations while designing prototypes.

Masach Technologies's board level shielding, Two-piece shield, EMI shielded can, Drawn RF shields are all tooled items which are optimized for small, medium & large-scale runs. Our wide range of standard drawn RF shields maximize flexibility of design for surface mount configurations in situations where engineers are aware of potential interference during the board design phase. Ordering a standard product eliminates the design of the shield and the production of prototypes for evaluation. Added advantages are translated relatively low cost and short delivery times. In addition, complimentary CAD files of our drawn RF shielding cans are available for download on our website for immediate use. Check out our wide range of board level shielding, two-piece shield, EMI shielded can, drawn RF shields. Order PCB standard or custom EMI | RF shielding can online.

Masach's Drawn EMI | RFI Shields main advantages:

Seamless protective cage – Promotes high shielding effectiveness

Robust & Solid Construction – Resists warping during transit and handling

Optimal planarity – Promotes high yield on reflow soldering

Two-piece shield Design (Frame & Cover) – Enables users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without having to risk board damage by removing the entire shield or incur any tooling costs.

Looking for a specific Item?

If you cannot find a standard shield according to your requirements, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution for your specific needs.

MS-ENG-KIT21 – Profesional Engineering kit of Standard Drawn EMI/RFI Shield – Hermetically Sealed!

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