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At MASAM, we constantly focus on improving the durability and proper use of the tool by our customers. In this respect, we always analyze the shape of the cutting edge before sharpening, resulting in a report. The principle of reporting after drilling can be shown in the picture below, which is supplemented by images of a worn drill on the flank. As generally known, tool wear happens in three zones. In cooperation with our customers, we appropriately determine the end of tool life according to the selected criteria. In this particular case, it was necessary to determine the end of the linear wear and to prevent the transition to the accelerated wear zone. We often encounter both cases when tool sharpening is requested. A tool removed after 140 minutes of cutting time is, of course, less dangerous than the case on the right, where there is a risk of complete fracture of the tool. In the case of removal at 140 minutes, we still have a good reserve in durability. The case of accelerated wear, where the cutting edge is already significantly deformed after a short time, is very inefficient and dangerous. In this case, we gained 20 minutes of tool work until disposal, but we lost one durability zone as it was necessary to grind a big part of the cutting edge. To sum it up, it is very easy to lose one durability zone (worth 200 minutes) in just 20 minutes. Reporting the status of the tool before sharpening prevents such cases. Consequently, we adjust the cutting conditions, durability, or optimize technologies for the customer.


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