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Turnkey technology

Special cutting tools

On demand, our company also proposes turnkey technology solutions to its customers. In this respect, we have experience in designing new production technology for emerging projects in individual companies. Secondly, we focus on modifying the customer's existing technology, where we examine weaknesses in the production process and replace conventional solutions with special solutions. In the example below, you can see a complex modification of the technology for our customer. In this case, we were able to achieve significant savings in tool cut time. Special MASAM cutting tools have been introduced into the production process as a highly productive solution. In case of a demand for the design of a turnkey technology, it is only necessary to send us a drawing or a CAD model of the product. Then, we will design all the necessary cutting tools, tool and workpiece holders, and if requested, we will produce a finished part in our premises according to the production documentation. In the last step, our specialists adjust the production of the part in the target production plant. In addition to the turnkey technology the customer receives production drawings of the tools from MASAM, the technological process of production as well as application sheets for each tool separately.


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