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The new Master-PUR HT 125 product series: Carefree production even at elevated temperatures

No sweat, no sweat! The newly developed product series around the Master-PUR HT 125 hoses reveal competitive advantages.

Hot hose, but cool effect: The hoses of the Master-PUR HT 125 hose series from Masterflex is the ideal choice for anyone who has to transport heat-resistant and abrasive, extreme media such as granulates.

Masterflex presents this permanently temperature-resistant industrial hose for demanding applications. With a maximum operating temperature of 125° C and high abrasion resistance, it is ideal for use in metal and wood processing as well as in the chemical industry. Compared to competitors on the market, it is particularly robust and durable, making it the perfect companion for an equal number of demanding applications, as this hose withstands even the highest loads while being extremely flexible.


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