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The Masterflex Group presents its latest innovations at Powtech & Fakuma shows

Masterflex SE
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Visitors will witness demonstrations of the very latest product innovations.

One such industry highlight is the Master-PUR Performance® spiral hose. Thanks to its patented manufacturing process, the inner lining is completely smooth and yet offers twice the abrasion-resistance than other competitor products, especially when transporting heavy bulk solids under extreme conditions – as proven through its certification acc. to DIN ISO 4649. This in turn leads to drastically reduced production downtimes and a marked increase in production efficiency in all operations. The absolute smoothness of the inner lining guarantees a greatly increased transport flow.

Yet another advantage: as the inner lining has no inner edges or pores, there is absolutely no material residue build-up and is therefore much easier to keep clean. The Master-PUR Performance® is not only microbe-resistant, but also permanently antistatic and extremely flexible.

The brand new Master-PUR Trivolution ® combines yet another benefit: The highly robust and abrasion-resistant PU hose is microbe-resistant, antistatic and hardly inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1. That is a world-first. Its true multi-functionality directly results in manufacturing and operational storage costs being cut, as there is no longer the need to keep a stock of many different products when this one offers it all in one hose. The Masterflex Group is true to its philosophy: to bring the best quality standards onto the market and continually develop on these. This rings especially true, as the new Master-PUR Trivolution® range offers all of these vastly improved product features – and all at no extra cost.

The Masterflex Group presents its latest innovations at Powtech & Fakuma shows

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