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During summertime, enchanting locations flood social media, but a lot of work goes into preparing these places behind the scenes.

This year, more than ever, the warm weather has brought out the desire to be outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy nature, the sceneries and colours that come with it. Social media immortalizes every experience. After months of being cooped up inside and seeing the same four walls, there’s now a flood of selfies where people are surrounded by flowers, submerged in nature with stunning views.

From inner-city parks to mountain slopes or even a handful of white pebbles decorating a flowering bush becomes an opportunity for a photoshoot. On the other hand, the locations also gain from it: these areas have seen tourism increase thanks to the images and posts that have gone viral.

It takes a lot of work to make a park, a countryside road, or a simple flowerbed look welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. The formula is simple: the more beautiful something is, or the more “natural” it seems, the more challenging the behind-the-scenes work is.

For example, using soil for inner-city park maintenance requires careful preparation. Among the different types of machinery, it’s better to choose ones that will reduce the environmental impact, such as MB Crusher’s units. In cases like city parks, a simple and easy solution to maintain the area is to use an MB screening bucket. When attached to the excavator, the unit collects, selects, and creates material ready to be put back into the ground, perfect for large parks and botanical gardens that need constant maintenance.

With MB Crusher’s MB-HDS shaft screener, soil and other materials are quickly separated without specialized personnel. With a single unit, you can do the entire processing cycle: manage wet and dry soil, aerate the dirt all the while respecting the location’s ecosystem. And the processed material can be reused in more than one way, for example, when constructing or maintaining a road, trail, or ski slope.

And what about the white stones that brighten gardens and make the area pleasing enough to take a picture? Usually, you purchase the rocks and lay them down. However, there’s a natural way to “create” them using what emerges from the excavations and the ground itself. Recently, on a construction site in Japan, the company in charge used MB’s screening bucket to wash the crushed material to get perfectly white stones. After the unit sorted the rocks, some were used on the construction site, while others were sold to landscaping companies for other urban gardening jobs.

Imagine this: while on your vacation in the mountains, you decide to walk along a forest path, looking for the perfect shot. It’s hard to see how much hard work went into keeping the trail clean and in excellent condition. MB Crusher’s sorting grapple is an effective tool to clear branches and trunks. Like other machinery from the Italian company, it quickly reaches inaccessible areas. The unit hooks up to the excavator and can move trunks, branches, and different types of material, regardless of shape, delicately and precisely. Using MB units avoids “overwhelming” the area with various vehicles or equipment.

With MB Crusher’s attachments, areas such as gardens and mountain roads can be kept in perfect shape and beautiful without altering their ecosystem. The results? Millions… of likes.


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