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Sorting it in a few simple steps

How MB Crusher rotary screeners can facilitate the salvaging of C&D waste transforming your heavy equipment into a mobile recycling centre.

One of the biggest complications in recycling is mixed materials.

Miscellaneous products are hard to recycle because materials must be separated to effectively process and then reuse them.

When recycling construction and demolition debris, waste screening is an essential practice, which consists in taking the waste material and separating them into multiple grades or separating mixed materials by type.

It can be done manually, but it takes too long. Alternatively, materials can be hauled to processing centres but it is logistically challenging, costly and has health and safety implications for site contractors and the general public due to large moving vehicles in and out of the site.

So is it such an important task difficult and costly to practise?

Not really! It is pretty simple if you look at it from another perspective. From the cab. From the operator's view. Simply process the mixed material where it is by using the heavy equipment available with an MB Crusher screening bucket.

Attachments are boom extensions that permit the driver to carry out more tasks than just digging, the MB’s screening bucket will facilitate and speed separating mixed material, consequently reducing landfill waste and saving time, labour and money.

They are pretty simple to use and will work with any brand of carriers, let’s see how some customers managed their sites.

Contained environment and compact recycling centre

J& L Equipos in Colombia demonstrate that not all waste requires removal from the site, as using excavator attachments even in a small city area recycling can be done. Cleaning the demolition debris will permit the repurpose of the soil and also enhance the size reduction of the parts inside the rotating screener. Next step? Reduction with an MB jaw crusher bucket and all cleared-out material can be reused.

While Norvàn General Contractor in Puerto Rico needed to maximize usage of all of the materials. On an island, procurement can be arduous. For them, the use of the screening bucket has sped operations so much. Scoop. Screen fine in un truck bed and unload remaining in another. Done. One man-one machine and mixed material are separated and cleaned ready to be used or reduce by the jaw crusher. Isn’t this a neat recycling centre?

Suitable for all types of carriers

The MB-S18 was mounted on a Hitachi 250 LC a 25-ton machine and the MB-S10 was mounted on a Caterpillar 307E an 8-ton but in Mallorca, the company Trans Pep Soler had an 8-tonne Komatsu WB 97 S5 backhoe loader so they bought an MB-LS170.

They used to take the mixed material to a recycling plant because the sandstones were mixed with cement and demolition debris and mixed it could not be used. After installing the screening bucket they managed to clean the material by themselves and besides avoiding the costs of the plant they also recovered the sandstone which is now used for a variety of tasks.

Are you attending Bauma 2022 in Munich? Come to stand C5 215 to see the full range of MB Crusher attachments and something you haven’t seen before!

Also, outdoor there will be the opportunity to see live demonstrations throughout the event Demo area FN 821.5

Sorting it in a few simple steps


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