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Key elements to take into account when choosing the crusher bucket as the primary crusher

Quarries put to the test heavy machinery. What is needed are reliable, durable, easy-to-maintain, safe machines that guarantee high productivity to cope with the hectic pace of work.

What are the key elements that prompted customers to choose an MB Crusher jaw crusher as the primary crusher in the quarry?

Cost Effectiveness

In Egypt, a customer had accumulated a large amount of unused basalt in his quarry. Storing these huge piles of material, however, represented a waste of money: for this reason, it installed an MB Crusher BF120.4 jaw crusher on its Doosan 340 excavator to crush the stockpile directly in the quarry and reuse it on site for maintenance work on internal haulage roads.

Before using the MB Crusher he had two choices: take the material to another quarry where there was a large mobile crusher or bring a mobile plant to the quarry manoeuvring an oversize load truck. Both solutions are expensive as much as accumulating the overburden.


Continuing to explore quarries around the world, in Italy, a customer uses an MB Crusher jaw crusher as the primary plant to crush the extracted talc to be reused for the production of concrete. In addition, the crusher bucket is also used for the preparation of the aggregates for the concrete necessary for the underground cultivation of the mine. By installing the BF135.8 crusher bucket on the Cat 365 excavator they had in the quarry, the work becomes much more flexible: the excavator easily reaches different areas of the quarry and crushes, without needing to transport other vehicles or material. A very profitable process.

Saving time is crucial to reducing costs, and MB Crusher buckets can save a lot of time. Suffice it to say that the installation of the equipment and the adjustment of the jaws to change the outgoing particle size take less than half an hour, eliminating the need to take the machine to the workshop.

Flexibility and quality

A concrete example is given by an Indian client who worked with basalt. By installing the BF90.3 crusher bucket on a Komatsu PC200 excavator, the customer has managed -by adjusting the size of the output material as needed- to obtain a final product of excellent quality, with a consequent increase in commercial demand.

MB Crusher crusher buckets are real portable jaw crushers that operate using the hydraulic system of the machine on which they are installed. They are reliable and characterized by a robust structure, ease of maintenance and safety of use. They are practically the ideal solution for any quarrying need. Their extreme flexibility ensures excellent productivity, and also, they do not require exceptional transport they move around attached to the carrier. An extremely easy solution!

Are attachments a viable alternative? Yes, because to install a new crusher or replace a fixed system, there are too many expensive factors to take into consideration, such as the desired production, the long installation phase, the long maintenance costs and the several processing phases. However, orienting the choice towards cost-effectiveness and profitability the choice is MB Crusher attachments.



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