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A journey in the realms of large-scale construction projects where MB Crusher attachments prove to be the transformative solution.

The saying '' Rome wasn't built in a day'' no longer applies to modern days where contractors are faced with tight deadlines, logistical complexities, environmental concerns, and low profit margins.

Those who redefined the traditional approaches employing MB Crusher attachments instead of stand-alone machines have proved that - whether nestled within bustling urban centres or stretching across vast remote landscapes- any big project operation is streamlined by integrating MB Crusher attachments into the existing equipment.

For all those contractors who work hard to enhance overall project efficiency, please know that the solution is to integrate the equipment at the site with MB Crusher attachments to minimize equipment footprint and optimize resource utilization. Let the journey begin to see how it is done!

Day 1 India: Building a Township in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of India's biggest commercial and industrial centres, no wonder why the government pushed for the construction of more infrastructures.

Bhoomi Earthmovers Pvt Ltd had to build an entirely new town and the challenges were numerous – tight schedules, waste management, environmental concerns, plus the hurdle of dealing with granite boulders during excavation.

They stepped away from bringing a stand-alone machine to the site, instead, they chose the powerful combination of the Sany SY220 excavator and the MB Crusher BF90.3 Crusher Bucket. This duo efficiently processed the boulders at the site, converting waste into reusable aggregate. Bhoomi Earthmovers gained a competitive edge in this large-scale construction by optimizing productivity and achieving cost savings

Day 2 Egypt: it’s not an oasis it is the New Administrative Capital in the desert

Building 700 square kilometres of the New Administrative Capital in the Egyptian desert demanded innovative solutions to ensure efficiency without compromising quality.

The MB Crusher BF120.4 and the client Doosan DX340 played a pivotal role in repurposing existing rocks into high-quality aggregate ready to be used without having to face hurdles like the lack of roads, escalating material prices, and logistical nightmares.

Using the MB Crusher unit resulted in staggering daily savings of 67,000 Egyptian pounds showcasing the cost-efficiency and sustainability of using the attachment.

Day 3 & 4 from Mexico to Saudi Arabia: a new train lines to an underground parking

Choosing MB Crusher attachments provided cost-saving, productivity and sustainability in new building constructions. The same benefits with also extreme versatility are provided when working over long distances.

Like the construction of the 'Tren Maya' 1,500 kilometres of train line cutting through the Yucatán forest where the MB Crusher units have transformed local material into usable product without having to wait or buy outsourced aggregates.

Or like in downtown Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, the epicentre of Vision 2030 where the jaw crusher bucket BF80.3 is solving the logistic issues for a 20-meter deep excavation project.

From the darkest forest to the desert dunes going through vibrant cities jobs in these areas seem to have different logistics requirements, but in reality, they are very similar.

In the forest or the desert reaching the job site is a challenge itself, there are few or no roads and it takes time. Urban hubs have traffic regulations and usage of heavy machinery is increasingly more complicated.

Different scenarios, with a common solution: enhance the usage of the heavy equipment with an MB Crusher attachment and logistic nightmares are solved, costs are reduced and the environment is preserved.

Maybe Rome could have been built in a day with the MB Crushers unit, who knows?



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