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A quality alternative for on-site waste management at work in Germany

The management and treatment of inert waste is a key concern for MB Crusher. The Italian company was founded by inventing the world's first crusher bucket, a revolutionary machine, capable of crushing and recycling material on-site from demolitions, excavations and mining.

You need only see it at work to understand the added value that it gives to companies that choose it for their own machinery fleet. This is precisely what most of the 7,500 visitors were able to do during the demonstration organised by MB Deutschland – the German branch of MB Crusher - at Recycling Aktiv and TiefbauLive, unique events in the field of recycling and land movement, organised from the 27th-29th of April in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg.

Two buckets at work on the MB Crusher testing field: the BF80.3 crusher bucket, an 18.5 tonne crusher for diggers, whose small size facilitates movements and makes them fast and non-burdensome for maintaining high efficiency and productivity; and the MB-S18 screening bucket, with its unique conical basket shape, which stands out for its ability to increase hourly production time and to sift through all the gathered material without residue.

These are two products that can be considered perfectly synonymous with recycling. Choosing an MB Crusher, crusher and screening bucket for your construction site allows you to crush, recycle and produce materials ready for reuse directly on site or in resale.

What are the benefits? Reduction of transport costs and management of demolition materials, as well as time and staff management. Not only this, but choosing an MB Crusher product fundamentally means having respect for the environment: it reduces vehicular movements, fuel use, and harmful emissions, in full respect of the environment.

There is no need to transport and dispose of the material rather, on the contrary, it can be reused immediately. This offers considerable savings and benefits in terms of sustainability. Fillings and new constructions can be made with the same materials on site, without having to resort to materials that are sourced from outside.

MB Crusher's great success at the Recycling Aktiv tradeshow is therefore tied to the Vicenza-based company’s ability to interpret its customers' needs with new, cutting edge, trademarked products that represent the real alternative to a world of recycling and the management of construction and demolition waste that is becoming more and more important.



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