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A crusher bucket and a screening bucket at work on a Caribbean island

The story and the project:

The small archipelago of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a paradise on earth for many tourists, was discovered as far back as 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who gave the name to one of the two islands, Saint Christopher (or Saint Kitts).

Today, 600 years after this discovery, an MB Crusher crusher bucket and screening bucket are at work on the island of Nevis for an important area redevelopment project with a special focus on respect for nature and history. The project involves the refurbishing of the old colonial buildings, such as the long-established distillery and the old church, the construction of new buildings and the rehabilitation of the natural landscape.

MB Crusher safeguards the natural heritage of Nevis

Installed on a 320L Caterpillar excavator, the MB-S18 screening bucket is used to separate soil from leaves and brushwood: the material thus produced is re-used on the spot for the rehabilitation of the green areas. The works also include the cleaning of the surrounding forest, with the salvaging of trees and restoration of the natural elements.

The BF90.3 crusher bucket, on the other hand, is used for the crushing of the local stone, Nevis Stone, a type of very hard granite of volcanic origin. After crushing, the pieces of rock thus obtained are re-used to fill the excavated areas generated for the construction of the buildings, and to make the foundations of the new local road network.

The choice to respect nature and be competitive on the market

The use of MB Crusher equipment proves to be an economic advantage which is both tangible and immediate but, even more important, ecological. It leads to a reduction in the movement of vehicles, the use of fuel and harmful emissions, while protecting the environment.



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