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MB Crusher @Big5 Heavy Dubai

Come to visit us from 26 to 28 March at booth #OS G30

MB Crusher will be at Big5 Heavy, showcasing the brand new series of Crusher Bucket BF 90.3, Screening Buckets MB-S18 plus Drum Cutter MB-R900, all ideal for infrastructure projects.

MB market is highly correlated to overall infrastructure development. Actually the GCC infrastructure market has an estimated value of over USD 400 billion and there are currently 1,246 ongoing projects in different stages of the construction life cycle: for these reasons Big5 Heavy is an event where MB Crusher will shine!

With MB Crushing and Screening Buckets, contractors have the advantage of crushing and screening the existing materials onsite, eliminating the need to load demolished material onto trucks or dumpers and take it to a waste dump, and also saving money over buying in new materials. For road construction works, it’s possible to crush the material and reuse it directly on site as GSB, drainage filling and trench filling.

MB’s attachments use the hydraulic system on excavators, skid loaders and backhoes, allowing the flexibility to work in tight areas, difficult access locations, steep slopes and urban areas. Contractors will be able to move their plant wherever they need it to go, reuse materials immediately at the job site and provide an environmental friendly option in recycling waste materials.

The 7th ring road in Kuwait City, the Al Khor Expressway and the 2022 World Cup Stadiums in the Qatar, the construction of a new subway in Riyadh: are only some of the many important infrastructure projects of Middle East, where MB crusher is making the difference.

“The Middle East Market is a dynamic market that grows at high speed. There are many infrastructure projects for the future where our machines will be necessary MB attachments are the solution to all those scenarios” said Najmeddine Sahraoui, Deputy general Manager of MB Crusher.

MB Crusher @Big5 Heavy Dubai


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