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360° Handy

360° Handy

When you have a machine but it's actually like you've got ten then you can call out bingo.

It's a bit like having a drill, you can change bits or tips and you can fix and make anything.

South of Germany, a construction and demolition company has recently purchased a MB Crusher model MB-G900 rotary grapple to be installed on its Liebherr 918 excavator. The purchase was triggered by the versatility of this accessory and the possibility to use it in different sites to lift and move materials of any shapes and weights.

In details, the German company has chosen to install the multifunctional blade kit on its MB-G900, a kit that replaces the standard blades. It is composed of a double blade: toothed on one side and smooth on the other. The blades can be simply and quickly inverted. The kit is essential for handling large objects and peculiar shaped materials, such as branches and twigs, as you have more grip. A better grasp means also to work safely and have more control at the site.

Besides MB-G grapples can also be equipped with a claw containment cover kit, a device used to collect and handle small-sized material, to dig and dredge natural soils, to load earth, gravel and sand and to lift objects of any kind.

There are four models of MB grapples available on the market, for excavators from 6 to over 25 tons. They are easy to use, especially because they have a tilted coupling plate that allows you to reach everywhere, thus increasing the range of action. Handy to move any material in total safety and to make a precise selection of materials, even during demolition process. The progressiveness with which the closing force can be managed allows operators to handle recyclable materials such as wood and metal, separating them from those destined for landfill.

360° Handy


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