new pilot operated regulators RSP 254/255

Franz Feichtner
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with auxilary power up to 16 bar inlet and 12 bar outlet pressure

We are happy to announce that we now completed our range up to 16 bar inlet pressure with the new pilot operated regulators RSP254/255 additional to our spring loaded regualtors RS 250 - RS255. This new series is able to realize outlet pressures from 10 mbar up to 12 bar and with the three different versions of pilots R70-10, R70-20 and R70-100 we have always the perfect solution for all your applications. For high outlet pressure applications (R70-10) , for gas engines with internal 1:2 booster and follow setpoint regulation (R70-20) and also for city gas distribution with high accuracy for low outlet pressure applications (R70-100). As usual after a short market entrance time the new series RSP 254/255 will also have a standard delivery time of 2-3 weeks as the restof our product range. For more information please get in contact with us, we are happy to help.

RSP254 with pilot R70-100
RSP254 with pilot R70-100

for city gas distribution with outlet pressure up to 500 mbar and high accuracy up to 1%

RSP254 with pilot R70-10

for high outlet pressure applications up to 12 bar

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