Keijo Viilo Converts Theories into Innovation

Ryan Lucas
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With 13 patents in the pocket, and more on the way, its seems that work within R&D and innovation comes natural for Keijo Viilo.

Keijo Viilo works as Director in Research & Development (R&D) and innovations. His main responsibilities are in aggregates equipment research and coordinating global research as well as aggregates laboratory operations.

In his work, Keijo has been able to utilize his extensive knowledge in crushing and screening as well as his inventive nature: He has 13 patents already and there is more on the way. “I am like Nicola Tesla – I am theoretical, I like to go things through on paper and then do it in practice. The most awarding part of my job is to invent new things and to see those ideas come alive.”

Keijo works in Tampere, Finland, in the same premises where he started his Metso career in 1985 in crusher automation business. Even before that, in 1982, he did his master’s thesis for a company that later became a part of Metso as well. He has been in charge of the aggregates R&D since the beginning of 1990’s, apart from 4 years. Currently, he is working on dissertation regarding screening in addition to his day job. “Compared to crushing, screening is ten times more complex. That is why I am interested in it”

Globally, Keijo’s research team consists of 20 people that, in his view, will never run out of work. “There will always be room for development in every industry in this world, not only in crushing and screening. I am certain that humans will find a way to adapt to major changes in the world, for example the climate change, as we always have. There is no doubt.”

Keijo Viilo Converts Theories into Innovation

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