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NEW: precision scale by Mettler Toledo

High-accuracy weighing for harsh environments

Consistent Accuracy

From Ultralight to Heavyweight

Accurate weighing helps you to manage raw materials, ensure compliance with regulations and improve your product quality. For bench scale applications that require high reliability with the best accuracy available the PBK9 High-Precision Bench Platforms provide an outstanding performance at resolutions of up to 750,000 divisions.

Functional Design

The unique construction of the platform makes it suitable for a variety of challenging environments. The overload protection in combination with the built-in lever and bearing mechanical structure ensures the scale maintains peak performance regardless of the application.

Smart Load-Cell Technology

The load cell, with Monobloc technology, is at the core of the PBK9 Weighing Platforms and guarantees the highest precision and reliability. A robust load – cell housing features integrated overload protection and durable mechanical interfaces. This ensures stable weigh values for many years of intensive use.


  • Mettler Toledo