OpDAT patch cable MPO/MTP®

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MPO/MTP® patch for use in data centers with transmission rates of 40 or 100 Gbit/s

MPO/MTP® patch cables are mainly used in data centers with transmission rates of 40 or 100 Gbit/s. They are used to connect the distribution technology, e.g. 19 “panels, and the active components such as servers or switches.

But even with a lower transmission rate of 10 GBit / s, the use of MPO / MTP® cables can offer the advantage of considerable space savings.

The fiber optic connector type MPO is a multi-fiber connector according to IEC 61754-7, in which several fibers are arranged in parallel in a rectangular ferrule ("parallel optics"). In order to be able to position these fibers very precisely in front of each other in a plug connection, a connector with 2 pins (“male”) is always connected to a connector without pins (“female”) in a coupling. Most often with MPO/MTP® systems, the necessary patch cables with female connectors on both sides are used, while trunk cables or active components have male connectors.

In the case of the multi-fiber system, the correct connection and orientation must always be ensured. For this reason, the type of polarity must be specified when ordering in order to ensure the continuity of the light guide throughout the cabling.

METZ CONNECT only uses plugs and couplings from USCONEC, whose optimized MPO variants are known under the trade name MTP®. From the MTP® product family, only connectors with Elite® ferrules are used. These have excellent values ​​for insertion and return loss.

OpDAT patch cable MPO/MTP®

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