System and control cabinet components

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Now also with push-in connection technology

Control cabinet construction is facing ever greater challenges on the market, be it the increasing price and cost pressure, the ever faster delivery capacity, high machine and system availability or low downtimes and downtimes.

To meet these market and customer rights, they become a safe and securely installable system and control cabinet component for building and industrial automation. We, METZ CONNECT, have tackled precisely this problem and developed a device series with innovative push-in connection technology for the control cabinet manufacturer of the future. We offer an emotional and consistent range of results for a market. Interface modules and intelligent fieldbus I/O system such as Coupling, timing, measuring and monitoring relays or Modbus, BACnet, LON and M-Bus I/O

Your benefits

Time savings: Significantly reduced wiring effort

The push-in connection technology saves up to 50 % of the time compared to conventional screw-type terminals.

Universal connection

Whether stranded wire, solid wire or cables with wire end sleeves - the push-in connection technology offers the optimal connection option for wire cross-sections of 0.2 mm² for every application up to 2.5 mm².

Easy wiring

A frontal (90 °) wire entry and the tool-free connection in confined installation situations in the control cabinet offer the installer a high degree of installation convenience. The connection terminal offers an additional test tap for troubleshooting.

Maintenance free

Harsh environments in the form of strong vibrations caused, for example, by vibrated machines or systems, require intensive maintenance work by tightening screw terminals. The contact-safe push-in connection technology offers a reliable and vibration-proof connection without additional maintenance.

System and control cabinet components

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