RJ45 socket of the AJT0D & AJT1D series

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Higher data rates, compact devices, less space

The advancing digitization increases the demands on the connection technology significantly. More and more devices are becoming IP-capable and should be operated with higher data rates. However, there is no more space in the control cabinet; on the contrary, devices and thus their connections should become more and more compact. Short connection times and high ease of use are still taken for granted.

The transmission category C5 with a transmission rate of 100 Mbit/s is currently in use as standard. Meanwhile, however, the demand for transmission rates of 10 GBit/s, which is covered by category 6A, is growing.

The new RJ45 sockets of the AJT0D & AJT1D series from METZ CONNECT are already designed today for the new standard of tomorrow. With transmission categories C6 and C6A and variants with screen tap (FTP).

The look of the new RJ45 sockets is reminiscent of the design of a classic screw terminal. They are specially designed for installation in rail-mounted devices and make design-in in the DIN rail housing considerably easier.

Saving space in the control cabinet as well as increased ease of use when connecting are among other things the result of integrating the socket in the mounting rail housing.

Simple, yet high-performance design, designed for the requirements of tomorrow!


- Suitable for rail-mounted devices on the mounting rail in control cabinets

- Transmission categories C6 and C6A

- Data transfer rates up to 10 GBit/s

- Color variations

- Variants with shield tap (FTP) & unshielded variants (UTP)

RJ45 socket of the AJT0D & AJT1D series

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