The new fiber optic connection box OpDAT ADT

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Versatile, modern, powerful

With the new OpDAT ADT junction box, METZ CONNECT has succeeded in adapting and further developing a proven product to meet growing market requirements.

With its new design, the junction box blends in unobtrusively and modernly in any of its areas of application. But the can has not only evolved visually. The technical possibilities of the OpDAT ADT have also been expanded behind the attractive cover.

Easy installation

With the help of 2 screws it is possible to install the OpDAT ADT quickly and easily as a surface box or for use on cavity wall boxes.

With the help of break-out catches, the box can be easily mounted horizontally as well as vertically on T35 mounting rail systems.

High security

With the laser protection provided in the single-mode couplings, the can offers security against unwanted injuries from laser light.

Double capacity

With the help of crimp splice technology, it is now possible to store up to 8 fibers in the OpDAT ADT. This has doubled the capacity compared to the previous can.

Flexible assembly

From above, below, right, left or over the back - our junction box offers various cable entries for cables with a diameter of up to 7 mm

Compact design

With its dimensions of 100 x 80 x 35 mm, the new OpDAT ADT can be installed in a space-saving and inconspicuous manner.

The new fiber optic connection box OpDAT ADT

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