Adjustable angle hydraulic connector

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Hydraulic fittings patented HydroVariacor have a flexibility unmatched use, the user configuring the connector in angle (90° to 180°) best suited to its application. The desired angular position is reached, a central locking device allows locking. The installation of hydraulic equipment is simplified, one fitting covers ranges from straight fittings, angled 90°, 135° or other special angles, thus the number of items in stock can be decreased.

Moreover, these connectors have a constant section of the inlet to whatever angle selected output, the pressure losses are limited, the optimum flow. Their sealing is twofold nature : O-ring and cone, and allows angle change, while ensuring no leaks.

The technical nature of these connections provides compact, robust connections, and offers new possibilities in terms of maintenance , installations, ergonomics and integration of hydraulic systems.

This fitting is available in different sizes and connections through a hydraulic line, HydroVariacor.

Adjustable angle hydraulic connector

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