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Are you ready for a LEVELution!

Magnetrol-AMETEK is excited to announce the Genesis™ Multiphase Detector – groundbreaking patents lead to an evolution in multiphase detection, measurement, and control.

Multiphase level measurements exist throughout process industries. They are especially significant in the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors due to the value derived from effectively separating water and hydrocarbon. While level instrumentation has come a long way in measuring liquids of all varieties, multiphase level measurement remains a towering challenge and a considerable opportunity.

The new Genesis™ Multiphase Detector encompasses several significant engineering accomplishments. This cutting-edge, multiphase detector provides profiler performance at a competitive cost without the regulatory burdens and HSE concerns.

The Genesis Multiphase Detector from Magnetrol is designed to measure multiple phases in applications with thick and dynamic emulsion layers:

Vapor phase

Total level (e.g., hydrocarbon liquid)

Top of emulsion layer

Bottom of emulsion layer (e.g., water level)



24VDC input with four (4) 4-20mA outputs (including HART) for convenient control of total level, top of emulsion, water level, and sediment

Concurrent Top-Down and Bottom-Up signal generation

Proprietary and innovative software algorithms for interpreting signals

Changing media characteristics have no effect on level measurement

Calibration or moving of levels in the vessel is not required

4-button keypad and graphic LCD display allow for viewing of configuration parameters and performance curves

Proactive diagnostics for scheduling maintenance and mitigating unplanned shutdowns

Probe designs are available up to +400F / 1000psi (+200C / 70 bar)

Electronics can be remote mounted up to 100 feet (30 meters) away from the probe

No moving parts in the process, reducing measurement errors and downtime

TDR/Electromagnetic energy based

Superior accuracy


Measuring dynamic conditions in difficult processes, such as desalters and separators, is now achievable with Magnetrol’s Genesis Multiphase Detector. The Genesis is a powerful, cost-effective solution capable of measuring total level, emulsion layers, and sediment from a single opening in the vessel.

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