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#Product Trends

SoniXs MP-6 [table model]

Stand-alone strapping machine for manual operation and reliable packaging.

The automatic strapping machine is characterized by its space-saving and easy accessible design, which is very advantages in tight spaces.

The machine can either be operated manually or easily integrated into automated production lines.

Key features:

• Reliable and efficient #SoniXs ultrasonic sealing system in standard 6 version

• Optimal accessibility and tool-free dismantling of strap path components

• Infinitely rotating control panel for versatile machine operation

• Adjustable strap tension

• Coil changes possible from the front and from the side

• Automatic strap coil change and threading system

• Strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap

• Extremely low energy consumption

• Stand-by mode

• CE mark including declaration of conformity

• Soft strapping selectable for sensitive packages


  • Gerd-Mosca-Straße 1, 69429 Waldbrunn, Germany
  • Mosca GmbH