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Strapping or Stretch Wrapping?

Mosca offers both, since their combination often provides the optimum solution

Using strap and stretch wrap to close and secure products are sometimes seen as competitors – but these two complementary end-of-line packaging methods both play important roles in securing loads for transport.

STRAPPING is versatile – it can be applied horizontally to stabilize layers in a shipping unit, or vertically to restrain loads over their full height and tie them to pallets.

STRETCH FILM can be wrapped around the pallet perimeter, providing some resistance to the product sliding off the pallet during handling and transport.

Strapping and stretch film have different characteristics and bring different advantages as packaging solutions. Sometimes they are competitors, but sometimes a combination provides the optimum solution.

To make the best decision about how to package your products for shipment, consider:

1. What is needed to stabilize the pallet loads and shipping units based on weight, uniformity, stacking stability and resulting vertical / horizontal containment needs

2. Production speeds / throughput requirements

3. Severity of handling and transport distance

4. Capital and consumable cost

5. Sustainability issues

6. Customer preferences


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