Alfred Kugler joins management board at Mosca GmbH

Mosca GmbH
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Strategic reinforcement for future growth

Alfred Kugler has been in management positions at Mosca since 2009 and has helped shape the company’s development in recent years. Since 25 July 2018, he has been supporting Timo and Simone Mosca as a third member of the management board. In future, his eye will be primarily on the company’s strategic development.

"Mosca has continuously grown as a company in recent years. It now has 14 subsidiaries from Canada to Malaysia, and the time has come for us to include a third member into the management board," says CEO Timo Mosca. The Sales, Marketing, and Service departments, which Kugler is now responsible for as member of the management board, are central to Mosca’s success: As the technological leader in the strapping sector, Mosca must win over customers not only with the quality of its machines, but also with outstanding service – all while remaining in touch with the latest trends. "In these areas, Alfred Kugler has already made important contributions," says Timo Mosca. "He has initiated several decisive tactical changes that have pushed us forward as a company."

A consummate strategist

After earning a graduate degree in business administration, Kugler started his career in 2005, working in strategic marketing at Wittenstein AG in Igersheim. When he joined Mosca in 2009, the company was still named Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG. He headed the marketing and product management unit before being appointed Division Manager for strategy and marketing a year later.

From the very beginning, Kugler took a holistic view of the company, looking far beyond the limits of his own department. In 2011, he became the Division Manager in charge of sales, marketing, and service. He played a key role in initiating important developments, even in economically difficult times. When the company’s name changed to Mosca GmbH in 2013, Kugler entered the management team as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and was responsible for the sales, marketing, and service departments. His strategic analyses of business processes and potentials have contributed decisively to the company’s establishment on the international market.

Well-equipped for the future

Kugler will be the first person outside of the Mosca family to be a member of the management board. He is looking forward to shaping the company’s destiny from the helm. He aspires to continuously improve both himself and the company. His motto is, "When you stop improving, you stop being good!" This is true not only of daily work, but also of Mosca’s further strategic development and its future position in the market: "In the last few years, Mosca has pushed our industry forward decisively with technological developments," he says. "We need to continue along this path with applications for Industry 4.0 or with globally unique services."

Kugler’s foresight will support Timo and Simone Mosca in increasingly complex management tasks, especially on the international stage. "With him, we gain a member of the management board which understands where Mosca is right now and has a clear idea of what we can achieve in future. As a three-person management team and with the technical and management competence of the extended company management, we are well-equipped for both current and future challenges," says CEO Simone Mosca.

Alfred Kugler joined the Mosca management board
Alfred Kugler joined the Mosca management board

Together with Timo and Simone Mosca, Alfred Kugler will help shape the future development of Mosca GmbH

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