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motan´s new single phase hopper loader range

At this year’s K-Show motan-colortronic presented the new Simple Solutions series. A simple, quick and easy to set up and cost-effective series in the usual motan quality for standard virgin and regrind material applications. This includes the new METRO SG HES, single-phase hopper loaders for granules, which will be available in four throughput sizes of max. 15 kg/h to 200 kg/h.

This new range of hopper loaders enables cost-effective and efficient automation of important areas of the production process, which significantly optimizes and simplifies the entire process management. Plastic granules are conveyed to machine hoppers, drying bins or other storage containers and fed to the machine. All units of the METRO SG HES are equipped with their own control, which recognizes when material is needed and automatically starts conveying. This keeps machines running and avoids costly downtime while eliminating material wastage.



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