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Remote maintenance box - Servicing your motan system control

Modern raw materials handling systems require complex controls to run efficiently. In the case of a problem or an update to the control, a specialised service person is usually required to get the system up and running again and to keep operational downtime to a minimum. However, in today’s challenging times, it is not always possible for qualified service personnel to be present when they are needed most.

Which is where motan’s compact remote maintenance box can be immensly useful in keeping a system running no matter where in the world - a simple and secure solution for digitally maintaining and caring for system controls. The box contains a powerful industrial PC with comprehensive software packages for remote access, debugging, analysis and logging tools for control and network components. All the tools required for configuration and administration are also included in the package as standard.

Remote Maintenance Box
Remote Maintenance Box

security and service instead of difficulty and downtimes


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