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free webinar: ATEX in electric motors, gearboxes and variable speed drives

A few words to clarify a topic that is often confused

Speaker / s: Giorgio Bosio | Language: English | 17/06/2020 11:00 | upcoming event | expected duration 60 min

The rules have changed over time, and so have the classification and selection criteria. Thinking about copying, for example, what is written on a motor's nameplate and forwarding it to the supplier can lead to unsuitable products.

With practical examples we will be able to understand how to choose and order an ATEX motor, gearbox or VSD, and understand the meaning of all the abbreviations on a nameplate.

The objective is to increase professionalism in a field in which it lacks and transform it into a source of business.

This webinar is therefor intended for machine manufacturers, users, installers, and distributors dealing with electric motors, reducers, or VFDs in potentially ATEX environments.

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  • Via le Ghiselle, 25014 Castenedolo BS, Italy
  • Giorgio Bosio