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asynchronous AC drive / photovoltaic NEO-SOLAR

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In solar pumps, the classic alternative is to use dc motors. Compared to these, NEO-SOLAR offers the following advantages:

It can work with a wider number of pumps that are already installed, since these are normally with AC motors, without any need to replace the pump. AC motors are in fact the most used on pumps, they are more economic and they can reach premium efficiencies (IE3)

The installation and the maintenance of these systems is known and accessible for all technicians worldwide

Compared to DC pumps the current is lower, the cables are of thinner section, and there are less cable losses.

It is possible to connect the pump at the same time to solar panels and to the net or a generator, to make it work when the sun is not enough or during the night.

Higher max power, up to 22kW

NEO-SOLAR will be shown at Intersolar. Stand B1.458 – Munich, June 10-12, 2015

asynchronous AC drive / photovoltaic NEO-SOLAR

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