ABAQUE Series Peristaltic Hose Pump

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With more than 20 years of experience pumping and transferring difficult chemicals and fluids, the Abaque Peristaltic Hose pump will handle your toughest pumping needs – from abrasive and aggressive to shear-sensitive and viscous fluids.

Abaque pumps currently operate in some of the most demanding environments including mining, water and wastewater treatment, energy, chemical processing and OEM applications.

The Abaque pump housing is constructed of heavy-duty ductile iron and steel and designed to provide reliable 24/7 pump operation. The pump utilizes a rugged close-coupled gear reducer.

Pumping action is achieved by compression of a circular loop of elastomeric hose with two diametrically opposed rotating shoes. With this rotational motion fluid is pushed ahead inside a hose which is compressed and relaxed by shoes mounted on a rotor. When each shoes reaches the end of the loop, the reinforced tube immediately returns to its original shape, thereby ensuring suction and priming, creating a strong

vacuum pulling more fluid inside.

Resulting in:

• High performance: Seal-less design eliminates leaks and product contamination, and have the ability to run dry continuously without adversely affecting the pump’s performance, pressure, and accuracy (no slip).

• Reliability: The Abaque pump has none of the usual parts that create problems on other pumps: seats, valves, mechanical seals. The hose is the only replacement part.

• Handling of the toughest pumping challenges, including extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids, solid loaded liquids, as well as shear sensitive and viscous materials.


• Ceramic: ceramic slips, mold filling, filter press

• Mining: sludge, clay slurry, lead sulfate, pyrite slurry

• Water Treatment: lime liquor, flocculate dispersion,

sludge and slurries

• Building Industry: liquid or fibrous mortar, liquid

plaster, light concrete

• Chemical Industry: acid, alcohol, detergent pumping

• Paint & Coatings: water base and acrylic paint,

pigments, wall coating

• Filter Press: filling and pressing

• Paper Industry: latex, slurries, kaolin

• Food Industry: tomato sauce, mashed potatoes,

gelatin, beer slurries, fish paste

• Balneology: thermal muds

• Others: glue, liquid salt, seed fertilizer

ABAQUE Series Peristaltic Hose Pump

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