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Secure and cost-effective packaging of white goods with film

MSK Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH
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The ideal alternative to carton packaging

Compared to the carton packaging method, the film-hood packaging method has features advantages. Film-hood packaging is fully automated and combines the primary packaging material and the product in one stable unit. It effectively prevents scratching especially on painted devices, which frequently occurs with carton packaging during the transport by truck. Film-hood packaging offers excellent surface protection and is dust resistant compared to carton packaging. You can also significantly save on storage costs: the packaging material merely consists of a film role. Storing a large number of boxes will be omitted. In addition the packaged appliances can be stacked significantly higher in the warehouse, since the film wrapping renders the appliances very stable. Another advantage is that the appliances are very well and almost totally visible. This verifiably reduces the transport damage ration. MSK will advise you specifically for your product with regard to choosing the right transport packaging. Because: transport packaging materials for household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators etc. consists of primary and secondary packaging materials. Based on pressure sensitivity or stability the primary packaging materials can demand certain requirements of the film packaging material. Vice versa, certain secondary packaging materials may provide significant savings regarding the primary packaging materials. MSK offers hybrid systems, more specifically, packaging systems capable of being able to package the appliances via a shrink-hood as well as stretch-hood. Depending on the product requirements and production planning diverse films can be used for packaging by the same system. The integrated shrink-hood system “MSK Multitech" is capable to package varying product formats with up to four different film formats or film densities with low space requirement. Depending on the product, high packaging ratios up to 240 products per hour are possible.

Secure and cost-effective packaging of white goods with film

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