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MULTIVAC at interpack 2020 (7 to 13 May 2020)

MULTIVAC demonstrates its expertise in automation and complete lines

Wolfertschwenden, 14 January 2020 - At this year's interpack MULTIVAC will be presenting itself as a supplier of integrated solutions in packaging and processing. The company's focus on the main exhibition stand (Hall 5, E 23) will include four fully automated packaging lines, as well as concepts for producing sustainable packaging solutions. There will also be solutions on show for the digitalisation of processes and business models.

Solution for fully automatic packing in trays

The heart of this fully automated line is the compact TX 710 traysealer, which is suitable for packing a broad spectrum of food products thanks to its wide range of possible designs. For printing the upper web, the TX 710 is equipped with a DP 225 direct web printer, which has an integrated TTO 30 thermal transfer printer. A multihead weigher from Cabinplant is used for filling the pots. The pots used are made of mono polypropylene and therefore contribute to meeting the current requirements as regards their recycling. The precise and rapid labelling of the pots is carried out by a conveyor belt labeller of the latest generation, the L 320 model. The H 130 handling module is used to load the pots into boxes.

Solution for packing in board trays

MULTIVAC will also be presenting a packaging line for packing in board trays. Here the trays are run on a R 245 thermoforming packaging machine. The R 245 is equipped with an infeed system for the erected board trays. The trays are lined in the forming die with a suitable plastic film, which provides the required barrier for product protection. This film can be separated from the cardboard backing after use, and the individual components of the pack can then be directed to the appropriate recycling loop. The thermoforming packaging machine is equipped with a DP 200 direct web printer for coding the upper web with the individual product data. A visual inspection system provides reliable monitoring of the print.

Automated line for slicing and packing processed products

The high-output S 1600 slicer is equipped with fully automatic central loading and, thanks to its innovative slicing technology, enables a very high slicing speed of up to 1,600 highly accurate slices per minute to be achieved. The SB 625 transfer conveyor ensures that the sliced product is transferred efficiently to the thermoforming packaging machine. The control of the conveyor is integrated into the packaging machine and slicer, which means the best results are achieved throughout the line. The interface is however designed in such a way, that the conveyor can also be easily linked to slicers from other manufacturers. The sliced products are packed on the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine, which sets the benchmark in the market with its sensor system. The packs are precisely labelled by the new CL 2XX cross web labeller.

Fully integrated line for portioning and packing of fresh meat

The heart of the line is the TX 730 traysealer, a new model of the X-line generation. Pre-cut cardboard sheets will be run on the TX 730 for producing MultiFreshTM vacuum skin packs, and the traysealer will be equipped with an inside cut. Portioning will be performed by the highly flexible and multifunctional GMS 520 singlecut meat portioning machine. Despite its compact construction, TVI's highly successful model sets the benchmark as regards quality, output, yield, precision, and above all flexibility. The L 310 conveyor belt labeller is used for applying an attractive full wrap label to the MultiFreshTM packs. The I 310 visual inspection system provides reliable monitoring of quality and print even at maximum processing speed.

New TX 810 traysealer

MULTIVAC will be presenting the new TX 810 traysealer to the public for the first time at interpack. Thanks to its two-track design, this model enables a significantly higher output to be achieved.

MULTIVAC will also be presenting its range of digital services at interpack. MULTIVAC's groundbreaking solutions provide their customers with a wide range of tools for increasing machine availability and efficiency.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Another focus of the company's presence at the trade fair is its presentation of sustainable packaging solutions. On display will be a wide range of concepts, which contribute to reducing packaging material consumption in the production of packs, as well as other concepts for producing packs, which meet current requirements for recyclability. One example of this is the MULTIVAC PaperBoard range, which is made up of a wide variety of paper fibre-based materials for producing MAP and vacuum skin packs on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers.


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