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Heat meter temperature sensors for apartmentl metering (Type PL)

Heat meter temperature sensors for apartment metering (Type PL)


As subassembly of heat meter, Heat meter temperature sensor pairs are used for temperature measurement in closed-loop pipe systems. It is very convenient to install in the dedicated pipeline ball valve . The system need not be discharged during installation and /or replacement of the temperature sensors once the valid calibration period has elapsed


DN50,DN65,DN80,DN100,DN125,DN150,DN200,DN250,DN300 and above


1.Single temperature sensor according to IDC 751.

2.Temperature sensor matched pairs according to DIN EN 1434 and CJ128-2007

3.Measuring range from 0 to 180℃

4.Matched pair accuracy ±0.1℃

5.Stainless steel 316L protection tube outer diameter standard type Ø8mm ,inner diameter Ø6mm

6.Protection Class :IP65

7.Sensor element Pt1000(Pt500,Pt100 is optional )

Terminal Head Form J

TM1401 Cast aluminum housing

Pocket length (AL) Insertion length (EL)

85mm 108mm

120mm 140mm

210mm 230mm


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