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RTD insertion temperature probes for Food Industry

The RTD insertion temperature probes are specially used in all food processing and food preservation applications. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength.

Technical data

Connecting cable: Silicone, temperature range:-50℃~+180℃

Teflon, temperature range -50℃~+260℃

Protection tube: Stainless steel 316L

Sensor element: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 meets IEC 751

Tolerance : Class B: △t=±(0.30 + 0.005 |t| )℃(standard)

Class A: △t=±(0.15 + 0.002 |t| )℃

Class1/3 B: △t=±(0.10 + 0.007 |t| )℃

Response time:t0.9 approx. 9secs, in water 0.2 m/sec, diameter 6mm

Order Details:

TM1130 —(1)—(2)—000—(4)—(5)—(6)/(7)

(1)Protection tube diameter D

4 4mm

4.5 4.5mm

5 5mm

(2)Insertion Length EL

100 100mm

150 150mm

200 200mm

Note:other lengths as per customers'' requirements (150mm≦EL≦500mm)

(4)Sensor element

13 1 x Pt100 in 3-wire circuit

14 1 x Pt100 in 4-wire circuit

(5)Measuring range/Connecting cable

13 -50℃ ~+ 180℃/Silicone

14 -50℃ ~ +260℃/Teflon

(6) Cable length L(L≥100mm)

100 100mm

200 200mm

2000 2000mm

Note:other lengths as per customers'' requirements

(100mm≤L<1000mm, L1=50mm, L≥1000mm, L1=100mm)

(7)Additional options

00 No

02 Shielded connecting cable (D≥4mm)

07 Ferrules as per DIN 46 228 part4 (Standard)

99 Special options

List the additional options in sequence, separated by commas.


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