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Temperature Sensor pairs Meets DIN EN 1434

Range: DN15,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40

1.Single temperature sensor according to IEC 751.

2.Temperature sensor matched pairs according to DIN EN 1434 and CJ 128-2007

3.Measuring range from 0 to 105℃

4.Matched pair accuracy ±0.1℃

5.Connecting cable available in PVC, silicone, coiled cable(material PU).

6.Stainless steel 316L protection tube outer diameter standard type Ø5mm

7.PN=16bar(flow rate 2m/s)

8.Sensor element Pt1000 (Pt500, Pt100 is optional)

Process connection thread( brass) G :M10X1


  • Dalian Bocon Science & Technology Co. Ltd